Up-Cycled Vanity Light Fixture

If you’re late to the show, I painted my bathroom vanity.  And that made me viciously tear down some wall paper and re-tile my shower.  Natural cause and effect brings us to today.

A new bathroom vanity light fixture.

bathroom vanity light

We have absolutely no natural light in our bathroom.  As ugly as this fixture was, I really liked that it was a 6-bulb.  But new 6-bulbed light fixtures are really expensive.

Good thing the classified ad gods smile upon us.

I was able to pick up this dime for a few dollars.

bathroom vanity light

I liked the shiny chrome and brass look.  HATED the frosted glass.  I splurged by buying new shade covers from Lowe’s.  (I tried to find them on their website so I could share the link, but could not.)  They were around $9 a piece if I remember right.  That makes the whole fixture less than $100, which is a steal, if you ask me.

bathroom vanity light

I’m going to take this moment to toot my own horn.  I wired and hung that light all by myself while Aaron was at work!

bathroom vanity light

I hate this picture because I had to use the flash.  But it was the only way I could really capture the essence of the fixture.

bathroom vanity light

And that, my friends, is how you work the system when you need a newer prettier light fixture.


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  • Caitlin

    You wired a light fixture by yourself?! I’m impressed! The light looks great.

    • Kenz

      Thank you! I had a very good teacher!

  • Stephanie, Sandpaper and Glue

    Question: I have one of those long multi-bulb fixtures and need to replace it with (probably) a smaller one, which means I’ll have some wall to fill and maybe some wire to re-center with the new light. When you removed the original fixture, was there just one wire box under it or multiple ones? I’m trying to figure out what I’m getting myself into.

    • Kenz

      There was just one box under there. I think the standard is just one jbox per fixture. Good luck my dear!

  • http://shiftctrlart.com Katja | Shift Ctrl ART

    That looks fantastic Kenz. I just love your new bathroom. It looks fantastic!!

    • Kenz

      Thank you!

  • Cassie Bustamante

    it looks awesome! such a great difference! i have so many fixtures to tackle and have been waiting til i find the right pieces!

    • Kenz

      It’s amazing what a difference a new light fixture makes. Good luck finding the pieces!

  • girlwithgreenbanana


    • Kenz

      Thanks lil chompy.

  • http://boxycolonial.com/ [email protected]

    very nice! and go you with your mad electrician skills!

    • Kenz

      Thanks! I’m just a regular old journeyman.

  • Julia @cuckoo4design

    So much better than before!

    • Kenz

      Thanks Julia!

  • thediynurse

    So pretty! And I refuse to install lights by myself- kudos to you! I’d rather paint by myself and thats pretty awful lol

    • Kenz

      Oh painting by yourself is the worst!

  • http://www.decorandthedog.net/ Michelle {decorandthedog}

    Nice work. I’m impressed with your skills. Lady power.

    • Kenz

      Boom, pound it.

  • http://www.gohausgo.com/ emily @ go haus go

    Lookin’ good! I love your resourcefulness!

    • Kenz

      Thank you!

  • Amber @ Wills Casa

    Flex that electrical muscle of yours! Way to go girl!

    • Kenz

      Oh you know me, with my gigantic electric muscles.

  • http://www.bliss-athome.com/ Kristin Cadwallader

    It’s coming together! You are a light MacGyver!

    • Kenz

      haha oh thanks!

  • http://newlywoodwards.com/ [email protected]

    Your horn-tooting is well-deserved. The fact that you did this by yourself makes you a hero to me.

    • Kenz

      Why thank you. I know for a fact that you, Kim Woodward, could wire a light!

  • anne @ wit wisdom and food

    That bathroom is so cute. I am going to borrow some of your ideas next year when we hopefully buy a house.

    • Kenz

      Oh yay! I love houses. I hope you guys are able to buy soon :) I’m a Realtor, so if you ever had questions, let me know!