Purple and Gold Matryoshka Nursery

It’s nursery reveal day.  It’s embarrassing how long it took me to write this post.  We had the nursery done by Thanksgiving, but time just slipped away.  I’ll blame the tryptophan.

My client was very easy to work with on this project.  She had amazing taste.  Her communication was clear; she either kicked, or she didn’t.  Evelyn Faye is extremely pleased with the results.

Purple and Gold Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll Nursery

We’ve come a long way from when this room was the old-furniture-graveyard/Aaron’s office.

office room

Purple and Gold Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll Nursery

Purple and Gold Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll Nursery


Purple and Gold Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll Nursery

Purple and Gold Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll Nursery

Like I mentioned in the Nesting Doll Mobile post, if you reach out to Etsy shop owners, they are often willing to do custom jobs for you.  I had this shop owner customize this print with a purple background special for the nursery.

Purple and Gold Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll Nursery

The adorable crocheted hedge hog pillow was made by Bethany of The Sepia Puppy.  And there’s Buster’s stuffed doppleganger.

Purple and Gold Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll Nursery

Purple and Gold Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll Nursery

This matryoshka set was given to me by a close friend.  It came from Ukraine and belonged to her grandmother whose name was also Evelyn.

Purple and Gold Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll Nursery

My sister Gina gave me Pilot Barbie for Christmas the year I got my pilot’s licence.  I never knew what to do with it, until I had a nursery to decorate.  Now it belongs to Evelyn to remind her to always follow her dreams no matter how many people doubt you.

Purple and Gold Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll Nursery

Homegirl has more clothes than I do.

Purple and Gold Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll Nursery

I mentioned in the Gallery Wall post that I was going to make some changes to it.

Purple and Gold Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll Nursery

I added this nesting doll wood cutout art made by Beth of Sawdust and Embryos.  There is nothing she can’t do with a scroll saw.

Purple and Gold Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll Nursery

It looks perfect in the mix of art! (Sources at the bottom of the post)

Purple and Gold Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll Nursery

This quilt was made by Kim from Newly Woodwards.  Her quilting skillz run so deep.

Nesting Doll Quilt

It looks so beautiful on the back of the Wingback Rocker.

Purple and Gold Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll Nursery

Purple and Gold Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll Nursery

Several people have asked me how the DIY Wingback Rocker has held up since July.  It is perfect.  I’ve never loved a piece of furniture more.  It rocks perfectly.  It is strong and sturdy.  It is extremely comfortable.  It’s easy to get in and out of.  It is perfect for nursing.  It works wonders when I need Evelyn to fall asleep.  I couldn’t be happier.  It’s calling in life was for the middle of the night.

Stranmon DIY Wingback Rocker

I love Evelyn’s nursery.  It is the best room in the house.  I chose purple and gold because those colors symbolize royalty.  I want her to always remember she is the daughter of a King.

Nursery Source List:

Rug:  Home Decorators Medina Over Dyed Rug 
Curtains:  IKEA Marjun modified (Tutorial here)
Light Fixture:  Hampton Bay Estelle Champagne
Chair: IKEA Strandmon + Runners (Tutorial here)
Nesting Doll Mobile:  Dolls (Tutorial here)
Crib:  IKEA Hensvik
Changing Table: IKEA Gulliver 
Bookcases: IKEA Billys + Paint (Tutorial here)
Lamp: Mainstays + Gold Spray Paint
Gallery Shelves:  IKEA Ribbas + Gold Spray Paint (Tutorial here)
Prints: (Left to right-top to bottom)
The Whale
Framed Nesting Doll Fabric
Camera Bunny
Lily – Clearance at Michael’s
Ewok – Aaron bought at Comic Con
Nesting Doll Wood – Beth, Sywoodink
Fisher Price Little People
Elephants In Easter Attire
“Beautiful Inside and Out” print

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  • Bethany Kline

    I love it, it all turned out so beautiful! and I certainly love that hedgehog pillow! 😉

    • Kenz

      Thank you! I love it! You are such a wonderful friend :)

  • Emma

    I love her nursery and I love how all the bloggers in the world came together to give her something beautiful.

    Beautiful room for a beautiful girl!

    • Kenz

      Thank you! She really is such a pretty little thing :)

  • http://www.gohausgo.com/ emily @ go haus go

    I love how it turned out! The rug and Kim’s quilt are my favorite parts!

    • Kenz

      Thanks Emily! Kim did such an amazing job on it!

  • Stephanie, Sandpaper and Glue

    oh all the wonderful things from your blog friends! so sweet and perfect! the room came out excellent :) it really is gorgeous.

    • Kenz

      Thanks love! “A rule is to break” was the first book I read to her from Zia Stephanie :)

  • Julia @cuckoo4design

    So sweet and pretty and I’m sure that you know you had me at matryoshka!

    • Kenz

      I love that we share matroyshaka love! There’s something just so special about them :)

  • Amber @ Wills Casa

    Beautiful nursery for such a gorgeous little girl! Look at all those tiny baby girl clothes!! Precious.

    • Kenz

      Thanks! We are quite addicted to playing dress up. Let’s be real, she should have her own fashion blog by now.

  • http://newlywoodwards.com/ [email protected]

    Wow. I love every single detail. And that wood cutout has to be one of the neatest things I’ve ever seen. What a lucky little girl to have such a gorgeous room!

    • Kenz

      Thanks Kim! I love the quilt so much. I think of you every time we use it. I can’t wait til Evelyn is big enough to appreciate all the people who made things for her out of love :)

  • Cassie Bustamante

    so sweet! i love it all- all the special touches and that rug just anchors it all beautifully!

    • Kenz

      Thanks Cassie! I love the rug. It was one of my first pieces of inspiration. I love how “old” it looks.

  • http://www.decorandthedog.net/ Michelle {decorandthedog}

    I truly love this nursery! The colors are perfect. I love that stenciled wall. And your kid is cute. All around good work.

    • Kenz

      Thank you my friend! I think she’s pretty cute… even with her male patterned baldness which she currently has.

  • Ashley

    I love everything about it, especially the deeper meaning. I’ve never really loved purple all that much–I don’t know why–but I LOVE her nursery!! Well done.

    • Kenz

      Thanks Ash! You know, I never loved purple either. I never had purple clothes, or anything of the sort. The bedroom at my parents’ house had lavender carpet, and I HATED it! But for some reason I felt really strongly about a royal purple for Evelyn’s room, and I love it!

  • anne @ wit wisdom and food

    It is a great room and it was fun to watch you put it all together. That is a lot of clothes she will be well dressed. Looking forward to the fashion show on instagram

    • Kenz

      Thanks Anne! We definitely love playing dress up, which is ironic, because I am terrible at dressing myself. haha! I could learn a lesson or two in fashion from this little one!

  • http://www.nalleshouse.com/ Anu

    The room turned out so well! Love the symbolism of the colour palette too.

    • Kenz

      Thanks Anu! I used to be an art history major, and everything in art is symbolic. I like to think of our DIY ways as art, so I try to include symbolism where I can :)

  • http://www.bliss-athome.com/ Kristin Cadwallader

    Such a great room Kenz :) xo Kristin

    • Kenz

      Thanks Kristin! It makes me so happy every time her and I are in there.

  • http://boxycolonial.com/ [email protected]

    Such a lovely space….lucky baby!

    • Kenz

      Thanks Gretchen! She really is quite spoiled. All the cute babies are.

  • Tara @ Surburble

    So, so, so lovely! And I also love how many different people (and their small gifts) are present in that nursery. It just shows the huge group of people who are so happy that she’s here!

    • Kenz

      Thanks my friend! I certainly do love the blog-village in which we live :)

  • Erin Elizabeth Schultz

    Obessed with this! Any chance you have a tutorial on how you made that beautiful gold wall?? I’ve always been intrigued with shiny gold walls!

  • Crystal Allen

    What a GORGEOUS nursery. I love your theme. Matryoshka dolls are so great and I love the symbolism of them. The stuffed Matryoshka that you have been using in the photos next to your daughter is really cute (and your daughter is beautiful too!)

    • Kenz

      Thanks Crystal! I love the symbolism of Matryoshka dolls too. It’s a great visual of a mother’s love and desire to keep her babies safe :)

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