Draw On a Plate, and Make It Permanent!

I’ve seen a few pins circulating around Pinterest stating that you could make a permanent design by drawing on a ceramic plate with a Sharpie marker then baking it.  Contender or Pretender?  I wanted to try it out.

So I rounded up my children roommates for a crafternoon.  We had an old pile of white IKEA ceramic plates that were headed for the garbage.  We figured these would be idea candidates to be defiled.

draw on plates with sharpie and bake it

Our medium.

draw on plates with sharpie and bake it

“Smile for mom!”

draw on plates with sharpie and bake it

And draw.

draw on plates with sharpie and bake it

Preheat your oven to 365, mix and bake til gold and bubbly.  But really, just bake for 30 minutes.  Take it out, and let it cool down.

draw on plates with sharpie and bake it

draw on plates with sharpie and bake it

I never found any information on Pinterest about washing instructions (which is incredibly important when it comes to dishes).  The designs will get all scratched up in the dishwasher.  To wash, you’ll want to use a soapy rag in the sink.  So, you probably don’t want to eat lasagna on these dishes.  At best, they make a fine cookie plate.  Christmas gift maybe?  Teacher gift?  Neighbor gift?  Place setting for a party?  Not every day use.

Here is what our “test dish” looked like coming out of the dishwasher:

draw on plates with sharpie and bake it

Here is our final artwork.

Karl’s Plates:
“There’s no crying in baseball!”

draw on plates with sharpie and bake it

My plates:
Ah yeshhhh.

draw on plates with sharpie and bake it

Aaron’s Plates:
Don’t feel dumb if you don’t understand them.  I don’t either.

draw on plates with sharpie and bake it

Matt’s Plates:
If you can’t tell, we’ve been watching a little Breaking Bad lately.  (Can you believe Hank found that book?!)

draw on plates with sharpie and bake it

And last of all, Addi’s Plates:
I’m flattered that she made me a ninja for our roommate portrait.

draw on plates with sharpie and bake it

 This craft is simple-bimple.  Any child would love this.  Any adult would love this.  The ideas are endless!

draw on plates with sharpie and bake it

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  • MarLyn

    These are so cool! Thank you for sharing!

    • http://www.facebook.com/mekenzie.crowder Mekenzie Burton Crowder

      Thanks Min!

  • Cassie

    Thanks for testing this idea out! I wanted to try but haven’t gotten around to it yet! I’m feeling like Christmas gifts!!
    Ps. that family plate is darling!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/mekenzie.crowder Mekenzie Burton Crowder

      I agree! These would make adorable Christmas gifts. I think it would be cute to write “washing instructions” on the bottom of the plate.

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  • Cherie

    I tested this idea with colored Sharpies. DOES NOT WORK. (I used oven-safe plates, baked as directed.) Two big problems. [1] The only colors that held fast were blue and red and black. Green, orange, purple Sharpie colors transformed under the heat of the oven. [2] The next day when I used a wet paper towel to wipe off a smudge, red Sharpie came right off with a scrub or two. The time and money my kids and I spent on this = wasted. Nobody should eat off these. I am sure the colors would be coming off soon after washing, particularly dishwasher use. I lost confidence in this project. I had been very excited about it. BOO.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mekenzie.crowder Mekenzie Burton Crowder

      I agree. If anything, these could be “decoration” plates. Something to give a gift on. If you saw our “Test” dish, that we washed, all the sharpie basically smudged off. If people are wanting permanent designs they need to use the actual acrylic paint markers, not sharpies.

  • Cherie

    DOES NOT WORK. What a waste of my time and money.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mekenzie.crowder Mekenzie Burton Crowder

      We realized that too. But I didn’t think it was a waste for us. I was throwing those dishes away anyway. So I wanted to “test” the theory. Me and my adult children still had a lot of fun drawing and being together. Any time spent having fun together isn’t time wasted, in my opinion.

  • Marty MacKay

    If you want them to permanent, increase oven temp to 425 and let them cool in the oven. I’ve put mine through the dishwasher with no probs.

    • Kenz

      Great to know! Thanks for the update Marty!

  • Sarah

    What a fun, fun idea for even like a baby shower or family get-together. Love this!


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  • Ralibaba

    We’re your Ikea plates specifically “oven safe”? I want to get Ikea plates and do this with ceramic paint, but I wasn’t sure if they’d hold up in the oven??

    • Ralibaba

      That’s were not we’re

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  • Heather

    From what I understand…you need to use oil-based Sharpies. Looks like you used regular ones. That might be the issue. ???

  • Tiffany

    These r what u need. Not regular Sharpies.

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