Oh how boring.  I have to write legal jumble to protect myself from nasty internet trolls?  It be so.

The Official Interiors By Kenz Blog Disclaimer Reads As Follows:

This blog, Interiors By Kenz, is a personal blog, created by me, written by me, and edited by me:  Mekenzie Burton Crowder.  The views expressed on this blog are purely and unadulteratedly the blog owner’s (KENZ!).  This blog does contain content which might present a conflict of interest.  This content will always be identified, credited, and linked to the source.  These are believed to be in public domain and readily available on the Internet (according to the US Copyright Fair Use Act, title 17, US Code).

Any image that has been taken by Interiors By Kenz, belongs to Interiors By Kenz, and is rights protected.  Failure to link back and credit Interiors By Kenz as the source constitutes a copyright violation, (and is just plain rude).  If you like what you see, please share it, as long as it’s credited and linked back to IBK.

DO NOT DUPLICATE ANY OF MY WORDS!  You do not have permission to copy and paste any of my content.  This is important to me, and it’s important to you.  Any duplicated text hurts ‘errbody involved.  It hurts you and it hurts me.  Google will see it as repeat content and therefore discredit both of us.  Please throw copy & paste out the window, and think of a new way to say it, mmk?  You’re creative too.  You can do it!

I’m no expert.  Just a crazy lady running around with a miter saw and a paint brush.  All projects, methods, and tutorials on Interiors By Kenz are not error proof.  If it doesn’t turn out like you want, don’t blame me (more importantly, don’t sue me!)  And if you find any issue, and/or a tip or trick to fix it, let me know!  I am happy to share what does and doesn’t work.  I will not be held liable for property damage, your personal safety, or the outcome of your project.  But please, don’t hold a staple gun to your hand.  You won’t like that result.

I own my blog layout.  You do not have permission to copy or imitate it.  My husband is a coder, and he does not appreciate copy-cats.  He worked hard to make it look the way I want it.  The image of the caged Edison light fixture shown on the header of Interiors By Kenz is being used with permission from Rewire.

My words and my opinions are 100% owned by me.  Sometimes I rant, rave and ramble.  My intentions are pure and never meant to offend or attack you, any specific individual or group.  I’m not mean (I’m an INJT!).

Sticks n stones comments are not cool.  Don’t throw them.  I will delete them.  Take your trolling elsewhere.  If you don’t like what you see, don’t stay.

Whelp, that’s the end.  Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.  It feels good to be protected!  To my readers:  I love you.  You make this blog special.  Keep coming back, alright?  Smell ya later!