Your DIY Wingback Rocking Chairs

One of my all time favorite projects is my DIY Wingback Rocker.

One year later it’s holding up like a champion of all chairs!  In fact, I’m writing this post sitting in this chair right now.  I’ve spent hundreds of hours rocking precious Evelyn Faye in this chair.

DIY Wingback Rocker

What I didn’t expect was how many people would follow my tutorial and make their own.  Some have blogs, and some don’t.  But the emails have poured in of your beautiful rockers, and I’m going to show them off!

This nursery is from a reader named Daniel.

DIY Rocking Chair

This is Chelsie’s nursery.

DIY Wingback Rocker

DIY Wingback Rocker

Cute mama-to-be!DIY Wingback Rocker

This rocker comes from nursery at The Shaker House.  They used a different chair than the Strandmon, and I think it looks awesome in the Marine Corps inspired room.

DIY Rocker - The Shaker House

DIY Wingback Rocker - The Shaker House

This rocker is from the outdoorsy nursery for Fletcher at 100layercakelet

DIY Rocker - 100layercakelet

DIY Wingback Rocker - 100 layer cakelet

This rocker is in the Modern Marine nursery at Newlyweds North.

DIY Rocker - Newlyweds North

rocker collage

And this last rocker is in the feminine travelesque nursery at Explore Dream Discover.

DIY Rocker - Explore Dream Discover



I love that even though these nurseries all have different themes and styles (I hope you clicked the links to check out the full rooms!!!) the rockers all fit in their element perfectly.

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ROAR! Music Video for Mother’s Day

Remember that time I was in an Alex Boye music video?

This might sound incredibly cliche, but this was one of the most fun days of my life.

Alex is amazing.  When we first got to the studio, he told us why he wanted to do this video for us.

Alex Boye Katy Perry ROAR video

He told us about how he sees womanhood.  He compared women and mothers to the most graceful and beautiful swan gliding across a smooth placid lake.  Graceful and “calm” looking.


But under the surface, those feet are a machine!  And most of the time, people don’t see it.  But women work so hard to keep their families moving forward, take care of their neighbors, be a strong member of their communities, all while looking so graceful on the surface.

swan feet underwater

Alex said that this song, Roar, is all about the ‘under the surface’ side of womanhood.  He wanted us mommy bloggers to let loose and draw on our own experiences of being knocked down but getting up and showing the world our roar.

This might sound dumb, but it was a very therapeutic day for me!

Alex Boye ROAR Music Video with mom bloggers

Alex Boye ROAR Music Video with mom bloggers

Alex Boye ROAR Music Video with mom bloggers


How many creative bloggers can you fit in a bathroom for a mirror groupie?

Alex Boye ROAR Music Video with mom bloggers


The filming took place at Thanksgiving Point’s tulip festival.  It was heavenly!

Alex Boye ROAR Music Video with mom bloggers

Our leggings were supplied by Agnes & Dora.  Okay, get this.  They are one size fit all.  I had a really hard time wrapping my head around this.  Because, they weren’t baggy on the little ladies, and they weren’t tight on my thunder thighs.  Basically, they are magic pants.  SO comfortable and soft.  I would highly recommend them!

Alex Boye ROAR Music Video with mom bloggers


I’m obviously a new mom, and so I’m still learning and figuring things out.  I don’t think that ever stops.  It was so inspiring to be around other moms, and really soak in the message of the song.  YOU’RE GONNA HEAR ME ROAR!

Alex Boye ROAR Music Video with mom bloggers



Evelyn’s Matryoshka Nursery Design

Welcome to this edition of Procrastinators of the World Unite.  

This one time, I got pregnant back in April, and thought “Oh, I have plenty of time to do anything.”

Then we found out we were having a girl in July, and I thought, “We still have plenty of time.  She’s not due til Christmas, and it’s 107 degrees.”

And just like Voldemort sneaked in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, we realized Christmas was sneaking up on us in less than 12 weeks.  There have been a few things happen lately which make us think she’ll come a little early.  We hope she doesn’t, but we need to be prepared.  Lessons learned from Titanic and icebergs.

The original plan was to completely finish our open concept renovation before we started the nursery.  But we just felt like we couldn’t put it off any longer.  So my fantastic mother came over to help me get things in motion by helping me clean out the room and rip up carpet.  If Mary Poppins and Maria Von Trapp had a magical Julie Andrews love child, it would by my mom.  She is practically perfect in every way, with a touch of cheeky-ness.

The chosen nursery… formerly known as the office.  This was the already existing paint color when we moved in, dirty rotten beige.

office room

office room

First step, rip up carpet.

Nursery Paint

Next step, prime & paint walls.  Heidi and my mom knocked it out like a professional wrestling duo on a Saturday night in front of a stadium of 80 thousand.  (Is that even a thing?  I know nothing.  Seriously.  I’ve never seen a fight in my life.)

Nursery Paint

Nursery Paint

Nursery Paint

The plan is NOT to have an all white nursery.  The plan is to be cute, and do this.

Russian Nesting Doll Nursery Mood Board


This mood board is some inspiration, and some actual items that we are using.  I thought Russian Nesting dolls were a perfect route to go.

I’m getting all DIY up on a bunch of nursery items.  There are going to be quite a few surprises with the nursery.  IE:  I’m not telling you what I’m using the nesting doll fabric for, or what the mobile is, what the dresser looks like yet, or where the scallops will be.  But I LOVE the scallop pattern, because when you use your imagination, it looks like an army of nesting dolls all stacked in front of each other.

 The flooring is the same we’ve been using upstairs, and will be continued into her room.  And the crowning jewel will be my DIY Wingback Rocking Chair that was made when I was only 7 weeks along.  Still sturdy, still comfortable for the curious minds out there.

And just to remind you fine people, the pumpkin parade started today!  Check out the links below for some kickin pumpkin projects.

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