ROAR! Music Video for Mother’s Day

Remember that time I was in an Alex Boye music video?

This might sound incredibly cliche, but this was one of the most fun days of my life.

Alex is amazing.  When we first got to the studio, he told us why he wanted to do this video for us.

Alex Boye Katy Perry ROAR video

He told us about how he sees womanhood.  He compared women and mothers to the most graceful and beautiful swan gliding across a smooth placid lake.  Graceful and “calm” looking.


But under the surface, those feet are a machine!  And most of the time, people don’t see it.  But women work so hard to keep their families moving forward, take care of their neighbors, be a strong member of their communities, all while looking so graceful on the surface.

swan feet underwater

Alex said that this song, Roar, is all about the ‘under the surface’ side of womanhood.  He wanted us mommy bloggers to let loose and draw on our own experiences of being knocked down but getting up and showing the world our roar.

This might sound dumb, but it was a very therapeutic day for me!

Alex Boye ROAR Music Video with mom bloggers

Alex Boye ROAR Music Video with mom bloggers

Alex Boye ROAR Music Video with mom bloggers


How many creative bloggers can you fit in a bathroom for a mirror groupie?

Alex Boye ROAR Music Video with mom bloggers


The filming took place at Thanksgiving Point’s tulip festival.  It was heavenly!

Alex Boye ROAR Music Video with mom bloggers

Our leggings were supplied by Agnes & Dora.  Okay, get this.  They are one size fit all.  I had a really hard time wrapping my head around this.  Because, they weren’t baggy on the little ladies, and they weren’t tight on my thunder thighs.  Basically, they are magic pants.  SO comfortable and soft.  I would highly recommend them!

Alex Boye ROAR Music Video with mom bloggers


I’m obviously a new mom, and so I’m still learning and figuring things out.  I don’t think that ever stops.  It was so inspiring to be around other moms, and really soak in the message of the song.  YOU’RE GONNA HEAR ME ROAR!

Alex Boye ROAR Music Video with mom bloggers



I Went To #SnapConf

…and it was great.

You guys.  There are big things going on.  And I wish I could tell you what.  But I can’t yet.

haha, how much do you hate me for saying that?!  SO MUCH?!  I promise I’ll tell you as soon as possible.  Soon.  Soon, soon, soon!


But I did go to Snap!  It’s my home town, so naturally I had to party it up with other creative bloggers.

I have been so so so (SOOOOOO) busy with secret combinations on the homefront, but I made it to as many classes as I could.  Of course I went to the parties.

Blog conferences are great.  I love being able to hang out with my internet friends IRL.  It makes me feel less weird about having online best friends.

Snap! conference was very child friendly, so I got to bring Evelyn Faye along.  I’m completely convinced that if she were to be snatched, it would be at a blog conference.  Everyone loved getting to squeeze and pinch her.  And she payed very good attention in class.

Snap conference


But to be completely honest, 92% of my pictures are from the 80’s dance party.  I’ll spare all the wild pictures, and instead throw this gif in your face.

Snap conference


I promise Evelyn had a good time.  She didn’t cry.  In fact, I’ve never seen her smile more.

Snap conference


And of course, Aaron got his dancin in too.


Snap conference


We got to hang out lots with Nick & Beth while they were here.  They even came over to our house.  Let me tell you, it’s pretty nerve wracking having a blogging friend come to your house!

Snap conf


I sure am blessed to be surround by amazing, talented, creative people!  The world of DIY blogging is a community I am grateful to be a part of.  This post is mainly to express my thanks and gratitude for the many friendships I’ve gained from this wonderful adventure!  I love you all and I love how much you all inspire me.

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” 
― Kurt Vonnegut

The Best Part About Haven Conference

Being Pregnant at Haven

One year ago, I was a sad puppy, and I sat at home watching (with my sad puppy eyes) all my favorite bloggers attend Haven.  I promised myself that I would make it there next year no matter what.

Well, I wasn’t expecting to be pregnant.  And I sure as shootin’ wasn’t expecting to be on bedrest.

On New Year’s Day, I camped out on my computer, and made sure to snatch up my conference ticket and book my hotel.

Four months later, I got the best surprise of my life.  Two weeks ago, I had some rough times.  Pregnancy is different for every lady.  I’ve had all kinds of things from severe cramping, to continued throwing up (even past the first trimester), to throwing up blood.

Going to Haven was down to the wire.  I needed to take care of myself and this baby.  Could I do that at a blog conference?  I wasn’t sure until the night before.  Aaron insisted that I go, even if I didn’t leave the hotel room.  I needed to leave the house.  Why?  Because breathing drywall dust from sanding mud, and trying to rest in a construction zone isn’t the most zen-ful activity.  My mom came with to take care of me and make sure I didn’t over-do it.

Thursday morning we flew to Atlanta.  And boy, were our arms tired!  (insert cheezy joke drum sequence followed by symbol)

Checked in, and THIS was on my tv.  I felt like a star.

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